Training for HR365 Cloud

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Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : HR365’s clients


Training and Learning

Training and Learning Development

Employees should be skilled accordingly as it serves to protect both the short-term and more importantly, the long-term interests of the business. HR365 Training Management and Exit Interview modules will empower the human resource department to better manage the organisation’s training needs and to lower turnover rate.


  • Training Management
  • Exit Interview Management
Mobility Capabilities
Digital Document Management
Cloud Solution
Strategic Modules

Training Management

Training management should be carried out in a way that every employee acquires useful knowledge that is applicable to them. It will also involve getting the right trainer or trainers to impact and pass the relevant knowledge to the employees. Training management also involves creating specific times and locations of the training, in order to ensure, that it does not interfere with the organization operations.

Key Features
  • A database of courses available – all information pertaining to employees and the training provider; internal or external
  • Administration of training courses, training evaluation from both trainer and trainee, and courses taken by the employees
  • Access to trainers’ profile and training organisers, and the ability to maintain these profiles
  • Administration of the training plan by managing the course schedule, number of trainees, training session times, the trainers and the cost of the entire training process
  • Maintain trainee attendance for each session
  • Ability of setting up compulsory course list for each of the staff category

Exit Interview Management

HR365 Exit Interview Management solution enables companies to gather feedback regarding work environment, day-to-day job concerns, managerial styles, workplace ethics, employee morale, employment issues such as vacation time and pay, health benefits, pensions and fringe benefits.

It helps companies to understand how best to retain and reward employees moving forward. It also assists companies to uncover, monitor and address issues such as harassment, discrimination and workplace violence.

Key Features
  • Flexibility to set up exit interview questionnaire with different question type – multiple input, multiple selection and single selection
  • Support multiple exit interview questionnaire templates for different groups of employees
  • Online exit interview arrangement – send invitation and gather questionnaires
  • Streamline the exit Interview process