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Time & Payroll

Time and Payroll Management

HR365 Time and Payroll Management core functionality has all the bells and whistles of a modern HR management system. It assists human resources personnel effectively and efficiently, regardless of the number of employees.

The modules are part of the HR365 Standard Package. If you would like to know more, contact us.


  • Time Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management


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Strategic Modules

Time Management

Time attendance is essential for companies that operate around the clock. Those with a large staff force on rotating shifts would require a HR Time Management solution. HR365 Time Management system is designed with the flexibility to incorporate parameters according to your organisation’s policies. It enables accurate employees’ payout according to the work hours and work days recorded in the system.

With HR365 Time Management, the HR/Payroll personnel would only take minutes, instead of a week, to compute and process attendance. Heads of departments can view attendance records in real-time and decide on the next course of action with confidence.

Key Features
  • Common holidays and regional holidays can be captured from Holiday Calendar during shift pattern creation
  • Define multiple shift patterns and generate duty roster for different groups of employees
  • Assign duty roster by batch or individual employee
  • Manage work-shift swaps among employees
  • Define the lateness deduction rules
  • Track and report on absenteeism, late and early leavers
  • Integration with leave application to identify employees’ leave day and worked day
  • Define the computation rules of overtime
  • Integration with Webchart for overtime submissions
  • Comprehensive reporting for analysis purpose

Payroll Management

Managing and administrating employees’ payroll can be challenging, especially when there are many variable reimbursements such as overtime wages, allowances, claims, and bonuses. It could get a lot more complex when the HR department is managing payroll for hundreds or thousands of employees.

HR365 Payroll Management has a robust computation engine where transactions can be fed into the payroll system via the feeder applications automatically. The feeder applications such as time management and claim management will provide processed records to the payroll for further computation. As an option, these details can be published onto the pay slip.

Key Features
  • Administrator can define his/her own rules for calculating employees’ salary, deductions on various payroll components, and inclusion of allowances, overtime and attendance deduction
  • With the payroll template, administrators can customise various payroll calculations for multiple companies
  • Administrator can process multiple payrolls for different employee groups in the same month
  • Ability to maintain and track employees’ past history – payments, allowances, deductions, overtime and benefits
  • Enable the user to create payroll reports for use in statutory submissions, financial transactions and for the management’s analysis
  • Bank auto-credit export support
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements
  • Integration with other Human Resource modules such as Time
  • Management module, Leave Module, Claims Module and Employee Benefits Module

Leave Management

Manpower is critical to every organisation and every leave application has direct impact on daily operations. The HR365 Leave Management solution helps the HR department and heads of departments to manage resources without disrupting business processes.

The HR365 Leave Management automates leave applications and approvals between staff and their superior, compute leave encashment and track replacement leave properly. The system also supports add-ons in the event of public holidays, and other leave computations such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and so on.

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) capability in HR365 automates leave application, approval and checking of leave balance. This e-automation reduces dependency on the HR department and enables them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Key Features
  • Define unlimited leave types
  • Implement leave policies for different group of employees according to position, job grade and length of service
  • Define leave type for leave adjustment
  • Set expiry date for leave credited for replacement leave
  • Integration with Time Attendance that allows conversion to leave
  • Set up Public Holiday Calendar for different locations
  • Ability to generate full-year leave entitlement to assist employees in planning their leave
  • Automated engine to generate leave entitlement for new employees and employees involved in leave policy change
  • Ability to produce employees’ final leave balance through termination encashment feature
  • Staffs’ leave application and approval can be done using the Webchart module
  • Staff can have access to their leave record via the Webchart module