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Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
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Talent Management

Talent Management 

Talent Management is an organisation’s commitment to retain and develop the most talented employees in the organisation. It is a business strategy and is integrated with performance appraisal management activities. It assists HR to capture the latest competency level of every staff after the performance appraisal assessment.

HR365 Talent Management records employees’ Current Competent Level (CCL) during the entire employment. Talent management also allows HR to update the CCL manually. The employee competency library will be a great asset for HR to develop the employees when the organisation grows.

Key Features
  • Record the Required Competency Level (RCL) for all positions in the organisation
  • Employee competency library can archive the most updated CCL for each employee
  • Assist HR to select employees who have the nearest CCL value for a position
  • HR can arrange and monitor selected candidates’ progress on training course
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