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Performance Tracking

Performance tracking facilitates the performance evaluation process that engages both manager and staff in a standard platform. Benefit entitlement can then be set accordingly post-evaluation. By driving a performance-based culture that rewards, your organisation could retain and attract good talent to ensure better business continuity and growth.


  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • Benefits Management
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Strategic Modules

Performance Appraisal Management

The HR365 Performance Appraisal Management module helps organisations assess staff performance versus key performance indicators (KPIs). Employees, managers and human resource personnel can collaborate to review performance history, goals, evaluation, manage and monitor the overall performance process. The solution perfectly aligns the rewards out of the appraisal assessment.

The system will also be able to compare outcomes to job requirements and performance ratings which would eventually trigger learning to close gaps.

Key Features
  • Define the appraisal form as multiple appraisal forms can be created and saved as template for future use
  • Computation of scores can be done on weightage method and the rating for each appraisal item can also be set up
  • Perform multiple appraisal activities within the same year. Appraisal exercises can be conducted by a small group of employees such as project group, or by the whole division.
  • Enables employee to review history of all past appraisals
  • Enables self-assessment and manager assessment

Benefits Management

Benefits entitlement is deliberated to attract talent. Benefits such as service point, loan, dental and so on, can be pre-defined in the system. HR365 Benefits Management module covers end-to-end process, including setting up, exercising and payout. These are tracked and captured in the system to avoid duplicated claims and potential disputes.

Key Features
  • Flexibility to define different types of benefits, which allows administrators to incorporate new types of benefits into the module seamlessly
  • Maintenance and tracking of employees’ exercising and forfeiture records
  • Define service points for each employee
  • Create multiple service point allocation at any time
  • Flexibility for administrator to define the payout method – cash, cheque or payroll
  • Calculate and track loan repayment and settlement
  • Reschedule the period and amount of loan repayment
  • Monitor active loans with repayment arrears
  • Integration of loan repayment deductions and benefit-in-kind tax reporting with the employee payroll