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Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
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Industry Relations

Industrial Relations Management

Industrial relations is key to a harmonious work place. It is used to moderate relationships between the management and the employee, or among the employees. Issues raised are being monitored by HR, followed by necessary actions.

Through the HR365 Self-Service Portal, employees will be aware of potential issues being raised against them, and likewise, they can raise the issues to HR for attention. The system enables transparency and a systematic approach to HR and the affected parties. It shortens response time and aids the management in making strategic decisions on disciplinary issues and misconduct.

Key Features
  • Flexibility that allows users to define types of misconduct and categorise its severity
  • Assists HR in monitoring the disciplinary offence/misconduct records and take necessary actions
  • Able to submit misconduct records online and get attention from superior to take the necessary actions/investigations
  • Able to monitor the domestic inquiry records to establish whether the alleged misconduct is proven or not
Mobility Capabilities
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