Training for HR365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : HR365’s clients



Driving results and productivity-based automation

When you use HR365, you are using a single platform that offers a comprehensive and complete solution, from core HR modules to strategic operations. Regardless of the HR transformation stage that your organisation is at, you can select the modules that fit your current needs, and add on when your requirements grow.


HR365 is not just any conventional HR system that focuses on addressing core and mundane HR operations. We focus on delivering productivity-centric solutions that brings the entire organisation into a tightly-knit and cohesive environment through online and mobile services. HR365 focuses on driving digital efficiencies in human capital management and our three key pillars are Mobility, Engagement and Data Analytics.


We digitise and transform the workplace and increase productivity through mobility



Our product focuses on driving productivity to the next level by deeply engaging with employees through greater connectivity


We help your management team to understand the dynamics of the organisation’s culture and identify bright sparks

HR365 powers business of all sizes

HR365’s solutions have been implemented by companies of all sizes in the following industries.

  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Property Development & Construction
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Higher Education
  • Retail
  • NGO
  • Public Sector & Government Services

HR365 is designed to:

Reduce paperwork

Increase mobile productivity

Streamline operations

Deliver deeper employee engagement

Enhance strategic execution