Training for HR365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : HR365’s clients


Driving Digital Efficiencies in Human Capital Management

Transforming workplaces with new technologies

HR365 is a human resource management system that focuses on 3 fundamental drivers to drive your HR team’s engagement and efficiencies by digitising the workplace, from recruitment to payroll, and beyond. Cloud-based HR365 is your user friendly HR software that aims to:

  • Reduce your paperwork
  • Increase mobile productivity
  • Deliver deeper employee engagement
  • Streamline and enhance strategic execution


Experience better productivity when employees are empowered to perform tasks on mobile devices


Create a healthier communication environment where all employees can collaborate in a single platform


Plan strategically and make decisions based on real-time data, instead of purely on your intuition

Constant growth through eLearning

Beyond our solutions, we aim to enrich HR professionals with continuous knowledge. Engage with us to instill a learning culture in your organisation.

HR Management Industry Basics

Available now

How much does your team know about the industry? Find out at IFCA Academy! Here’s how it works.

  • Get in touch with us.
  • Login and read up on the course.
  • Take the test/assessment.
  • Certificate issued if a personnel passes.

For current HR365 clients

Video tutorials on basic HR365 modules

  • Personal Information
  • Duty Roster
  • Time Attendance
  • Training
  • Travel and Leave Application
  • Submit Overtime and Claims
  • HR Informative & Tools

Get in touch with for access to these tutorials.

Driving results and productivity-based automation

HR365 addresses each stage of your employees’ journey. From core HR modules to strategic HR operations, we provide you with an end-to-end experience

HR365 is designed to:

Reduce paperwork

Increase mobile productivity

Streamline operations

Deliver deeper employee engagement

Enhance strategic execution

Client Success

LYL Group

“As the group expands, IFCA’s solutions allow us to purchase or add on, on a modular basis. The most crucial feature for me is the analytical review areas and in-depth solutions for some of the challenges that we encounter.”

Group COO
Chaswood Resources Sdn Bhd

“Mostly, we use the payroll, leave application and training modules. The most important thing is that it is paperless. Now, we upload all of them (training material) and the employees can go through in the employee portal.”

Affordable . Easy Set-Up . Modular

Subscriptions can be activated in 2 working days and it starts from as low as RM15 per user.

Standard Package

Core HR framework

Payroll management

Leave management

Claim management

Time Management

Should your organisations’ HR needs grow, you can add on these modules. 
Talent Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Talent Management
  • Training Management
Workforce Management
  • Manpower Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Exit Interview Management
  • Recruitment Management

Why Choose Cloud?

If you seek a quick set-up without hardware or IT personnel’s assistance, we have flexible subscription-based solutions that can be activated within 48 hours.


Start with what you need, and add on as your needs grow


No upgrades necessary. The latest versions are updated directly


The standard solution has been and are being used by large developers


Stop your subscription when your project ends, or restart when you have a new project